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In addition to this great service of shipping your excess baggage from Whistler or Vancouver to Australia, New Zealand or anywhere else around the globe, Mannix Freight Service offers a very reliable and cost effective service for all your personal goods and excess baggage shipping needs. 

We are proud to offer flexible airfreight service for personal goods and excess baggage from Vancouver airport to any international destination. 

Other shipping services are available upon request, but the airport to airport service is the most popular due to its economical value for shipments over 15 kgs. With a little bit of work on your side you can save approx $500 over the big courier companies for most personal goods shipments.

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Are you seasonally looking to relocate from Whistler to Australia and need your excess baggage or sporting equipment to follow?

Mannix Freight services is proud to offer the best service, best rates, best customer service and most knowledge on shipping your excess baggage from Whistler to Australia or New Zealand. From snowboards, skis, kayaks, mountain and racing bikes to general excess cargo. We are the one stop shop for getting your excess baggage back to the South Pacific.


  • What is Airport to Airport Service? 
    We offer an Airport to Airport service. That is the cheapest method for you to move your goods back home. It simply means that we will get your goods from Vancouver airport to the closest international airport to your destination.  
  • *What is volume weight?
    The airplanes only have so much space. With the limited payload there has been an understanding between the airlines and their customer where by the airlines can charge a higher price for bulky freight. You simply multiply the LxWxH in cm’s then divide by 6000 and you will have the volume weight in kg. If this weight is greater than the actual weight then that is the weight we base the rate upon.
  • What hours do you operate?
    We accept shipments into the office between the hours of 9:30am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday. Please call/email to arrange otherwise.
  • What is restricted?
    As of January 1st 2013 we are no longer able to transport batteries of any kind. Please remove all power sources such as laptop batteries, camera batteries, and so on from your shipments. We also cannot move any of the standard dangerous goods that are flammable, explosive, compressed, toxic etc. This includes things like hair sprays, perfumes and gas powered tools.
  • Should I lock my bags?
    Do not lock your bags. Due to customs policies these locks are subject to be cut off and depending how they are locked when cut off, damage may occur and may render the luggage unusable.
  • How long do I have to pick-up my goods at the airport?
    You have 48 hours to pick up your shipment at the destination airport before storage charges incur.
  • Can I get insurance?
    Insurance is generally left for commercial shipments. We can insure you personal goods, but for loss only. Damage is not covered with our insurance policy on personal effects. Please ask for more details.

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