Mannix Freight Service is a proud member of IATA/Fiata/ and Ciffa which means that we have the right credentials to work with all the airlines on a direct basis for any of your airfreight needs. We are proud to be a Transport Canada approved regulated freight forwarder.

Mannix Freight Service offers individual logistics solutions for your airfreight needs. After a brief exploration of your needs for a particular shipment we will find the correct method for getting it to your client in either the most economical or quickest manner. We can offer tariffs for regular freight shipments for the same points of origin and destination or quote on each shipment as it becomes available so you have the most recent market rate. 

We specialize in International Airfreight from Door to Airport to any destination overseas. With our group of exclusive offices in over 150 destinations worldwide we can also offer door to door from any location worldwide.


We offer the following services worldwide:

DTA -- Door to Airport services worldwide
DTD -- Door to Door services worldwide
ATA -- Airport to Airport services worldwide
ATD -- Airport to Door Services worldwide
-Collect shipments worldwide
-Dangerous goods service available
-Oversize or specialty cargo also