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Step by Step - Process 2 (When it Arrives)

cont... Here is the general step by step on the process to follow when your goods arrive at their destination airport. Please note this is a very general guideline and following this will help in monst situations. However each country has it's own rules and regulations on importing personal effects that you should be aware of and this does not cover every situation.



"Here is a step by step guide to the process it takes to get your things from the destination airport."

Cargo Terminal - Once your shipment arrives at your destination airport, you will be contacted by the cargo terminal that your shipment is ready for pick-up. You will need to see them first for your original documents before going to customs to clear your shipment - Bring ID

Customs Clearance - Once you receive the documents from the terminal, you will need to go to nearest customs office with these documents to clear your shipmnent. Once they ok the paperwork, they will stamp their approval on them. .

Back to Terminal for Release - Physically take these stamped original documents back to the cargo terminal where you originally received them to have your shipment released. Here you will need to pay the destination charge of appx $75.00 (standard)

Finished: Once payment is cleared up with the terminal (usually 75.00) you can then arrange delivery or take your things yourself to your final destination.

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